Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Better late than never, 2 great articles in the most recent UK edition of Wired touch on space exploration: one looks at Richard Branson, and his plans for space tourism; the other looks at what will happen to NASA after the Space Shuttle is grounded next year.

A longer post is almost certainly required to cover my thoughts on this, but in the meantime, have a look at the image at the top of this post (or just look out of your window), watch the film above and then let’s talk about the best ways for humanity to stretch itself.

Here’s a clue: I’m not convinced it’s by pumping billions into the pockets of city wbankers.

Moon by makelessnoise on flickr

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  1. I would much rather money be pumped into space programs with a view to setting up a permanent base on the moon instead of wasting billions on a bunch of over paid tossers.

    If we had a vote on it Space Exploration or Bank Bail Outs I think I can guess where the money would end up.

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