Today Was A Good Day: P. Rod & Ice Cube Nike Ad

Over the years Nike has been responsible for some pretty amazing ads. Whether it’s the Brazil airport spot, or Spike Lee’s series of Jordan commercials, Nike has often set the bar when it comes to cool, stylish ads. And now, with Today Was A Good Day, celebrating the launch of the new skate shoe from (soon to be massive) skater Paul Rodriguez, they’ve done it again.

The ad shows Rodriguez, or P. Rod as he’s known to his fans, cruising round LA on his board. He grabs some totally rad air time*, skates past some annoyed looking cops, catches up with some mates, grabs some more gnarly grinds*, and generally enjoys the blissed out LA vibe. All to the sound of Ice Cube’s stone cold hip-hop classic, It Was A Good Day (Explicit).

Until Cube drives over P. Rod’s board that is.

It’s a great commercial: well put together, subtle, funny and perfect for the audience. It seems like they’re releasing some special web-only content in a couple of days and, with the original ad having racked up nearly quarter of a million views on YouTube in just over a week, I think we can expect great things from P. Rod, the ads, and the (rather lovely) trainers.

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