Lost Gloves #21: Great Portland Street, London

I was in Dublin last week and I noted that I’d not seen any lost gloves, which contrasted with a great haul on my previous visit. My girlfriend pointed out that this might be due to the fact that spring had sprung and less people were likely to be wearing gloves, let alone wearing them. She probably then sighed on the inside and wondered what she’d done to deserve such a freak descending on her from London on a semi-regular basis.

Well, it seems that the lost glove season wasn’t totally done, as this evening I saw the specimen above on my walk to Oxford Circus tube. I have to say that the weather, whilst beautifully sunny, has been a bit brisk for the last couple of days so I can understand why someone would want such heavy-duty gloves on them.

I do wonder though whether this is likely to be the last lost glove till next winter and, if so, what pointless project I can start up in the meantime. I’d welcome any suggestions.


  1. Lost shoes. Really. I’ve seen loads recently. There were 2 pairs on the street just up from my house, and they were there for several days. My mate and I walked past and commented on them. Upon returning from Sainsbury’s 10 minutes later, 1 shoe had vanished. A furry leopard skin affair. Absolutely no idea why someone would take just the one (Mrs Wembley) when there are a complete pair just sitting there.

    Actually, I’ve no idea why anyone would want to wear a complete strangers shoes anyway.

  2. There was a blog I saw where a guy took nothing but photos of road cones. Then put witty captions underneath. Was actually really funny. But I guess that’s been done.

    What about Things In Odd Places. Like carrier bags at the tops of trees. Or messages written in dirt on the sides of vans/cars/lorries. Depends on if you want it to be meaningful I guess. In which case I’m going to be no good at any sort of suggestion.

  3. Yeah, I think it may just have to be random snaps. Hopefully some sort of overarching theme will come to me down the line.

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