Jade Goody & Tasteless AdWords

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise, when you consider just how many leeches have tried to attach themselves to the tragic story of Jade Goody over the last few months, that people have been bidding on her name on Google. But you might think that the people who have been doing this might have at least had the decency to update their ads following the sad news of her death.

It seems that some scummy toolbar company is still encouraging people to get the latest updates on her health, whilst eBay don’t seem to have thought it might be a bit tasteless to be selling her perfume right now. At least all the crap in the tabloids/OK magazine will go towards her kids’ future: these ads are just cheap in the extreme


  1. I think the whole drawn out debacle has been in bad taste to be honest. While it is a tragedy that someone so young has died in such an awful way, making a modern day freakshow of it has (imho) cheapened the whole thing anyway.

    Ultimately this type ‘celebrity’ make a living from doing nothing other than shamelessy selling themselves in every way possible. Can we really complain when other people follow the example they’ve set themselves?

  2. I feel like a cock writing this, but I am going to do so anyway.

    Does anyone else not find it slightly ironic considering Jade Goody was the most tasteless person in the world?

    Don’t get me wrong – it’s sad when people die and I feel bad for her kids, but bloody hell, she already planned on having “big screens” at her funeral FFS. Why she could not just planned a small service is beyond me. She probaly sold the rights of the funeral to OK Magazine already too.

    I mean, seriously, she made a name for herself by getting her baps out on TV and having about 10 brain cells. Perhaps it was all an act and she was a genious.

    Sorry for the rant but it’s been bugging me for a while… Perhaps they are tasteless, perhaps I’m the only person who doesn’t really give a shit about Jade Goody!

    • I don’t think anyone’s saying that you have to ‘care’ about Jade either way and yes, it seems amazing that she ‘planned’ her funeral. But at the end of the day she was only doing so in order to try & secure as much cash for her kids as possible.

      Personally I think she comes out of this blameless, but I think that all of the media, and the millions of us who feed that media, all need a shower.

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