Lost Gloves #17 & #18: Wimbledon Village & Oxford

After the rather stylish glove spotted in Islington, I was hoping that I might find some more that broke out of the plain black mould. But it seems I was being overly optimistic. Whilst Wimbledon Village is a lovely place, and ever so pretty, it seems that its inhabitants are no more adventurous than the rest of the capital, as this, rather dull, effort proves.

And it seems that things aren’t much better out of the Big Smoke either. The specimen below was spotted in Oxford and sent in by Stephen, he of the Lost Gloves’ first non-capital entry. Whilst it’s a pretty dull glove, his efforts are appreciated and I feel that he could be one to watch in the competitive world of lost gloves.


  1. So do we all get gratuitous links whenever we pander to your glove fetish? All right then, I’ll play along. Consider me a glove photographer from now on.

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