In One Ear… April 2nd, 2008

There’s a great little feature in The Guide (the what’s on guide that comes with The Guardian on a Saturday) called All Ears. In it Michael Holden recounts weird & wonderful conversations he’s overheard. It may sound dull, but it provides a fascinating insight into Britain in the 21st Century (and there’s now an anthology for sale).

Now I don’t have the time to ear-wig on entire conversations, but still think that the bits of conversation I overhear in my day-to-day travels might provide some rather interesting little snippets. So read on to find a dialogue made up of entirely unrelated comments, made by people I know, and those I don’t (I’ll be adding to this throughout the day – a bit like a serialised story) :

So this is where Pete used to work.

Is this where they leave the newspapers?

Just tell her, bluntly, that the world is going to end.

Ears image by jordanfischer on flickr


  1. From Sugarrae on twitter today:

    quote of the day: “plus it opens up the whole we can do clever things with a cow angle”

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