Speaking At SMX Sydney

Things might be a bit quiet here till next week as I’m currently down under in Australia.

What with catching up with friends from when I lived here back at the turn of the century (seems weird just writing that) and speaking at SMX Sydney on Thursday & Friday, I doubt I’ll have much time, or inclination, to post.

Last night I saw Air at the Sydney Opera House which I’ll write up in more detail when I get back. In the meantime, if you’re going to be attending SMX Sydney, then leave a comment and hopefully we can meet over a schooner!


  1. Hey Ciaran

    Caught one of your sessions today (on copy writing) – thoroughly enjoyable. Hope you are enjoying your visit 🙂

    While I do enjoy tobacco, I’m not much into schooners 😉

  2. Hi Ciaran

    FYI I’ve just spent 4 hours summarising 18 pages of notes at
    for people who couldn’t attend SMX Sydney and also because I don’t think
    anyone else has blogged about it in any detail.

    Will do the same tomorrow for Day 2 of SMX Sydney. Enjoy

    PS the bit which summarises your talk: “Verdict: Gold quality advice. Ciaran is a great speaker. Clear ideas well articulated.”

  3. Glad you enjoyed it guys & Neerav, thanks very much for the lovely write-up.

    Do drop in to my session on viral marketing this afternoon if you get a chance.

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