Thor Spoofs VW’s Super Bowl Ad

Three of my favourite things are, in no particular order, comics, movies and advertising (and particularly spoof ads).

So, the spoof of VW’s recent Super Bowl ad, to promote the release of the movie adaptation of Marvel’s Thor comics, has been one of my highlights of the year so far.

In case you haven’t seen the original (which is the best bit of Star Wars creative since George Lucas decided to ruin his own legacy by ‘remastering’ the originals), here it is.

And, if you haven’t gotten round to going to see Thor yet, let me just say that it’s the second best Marvel adaptation yet, after Iron Man. It’s perfect for those of you who aren’t comic geeks, as Keneth Branagh has managed to balance the (amazing) special effects with wit & humour.

Go and see it now, before you miss the chance to watch it in the cinema in 3D, it’ definitely worth it.

Thor image courtesy of Marvel

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