Mohammed Rafi – Jaan Pahechan Ho (Song From Heineken The Date Ad)

So, my last post about the soundtrack to a Heineken ad really did bring the trolls out from under the many bridges of teh interwebz, so I wonder what the one will bring out. Maybe even some racists.

Anyway, the new Heineken ad again features an impossibly perfect young man, this time on a date with a rather lovely young thing.

And the soundtrack to his continuing adventures is this incredibly jaunty track, which sounds like a song from a bhangra Elvis movie. Which, according to this, is essentially what it is.

Personally, I think it’s rather magnificent.

Now, I just need to sit back and wait for anonymous virgins with nothing better to do to leave unwanted bile in the comments.

*Heineken are clients of my current employers.

Fancy footwork by Glenna Barlow on flickr


  1. This is a really hopping song! Great dance number on the original video also.
    Super enjoyable and fun! Thanks for posting this stuff!

  2. been looking for this song since seeing the commercial, very cool, could not stop until i found it, THANKS

  3. LOVE the song, thanks for the videos. The lyrics are online, you just have to google the artist (Mohammed Rafi) and the song, I believe it is a movie song from 1962.

  4. Lyrics are in Hindi…..

    Jaan pehchan ho….- if you get aquainted

    Jeena asaan ho……- makes life easy.

    Meaning: if you get to know someone it can make life worth while. 😉

  5. the song is on the soundtrack of “Ghost World” . when I heard it on a commercial I was the only person around that recognized it, I play it all the time and my kids think I’m weird

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