Great Moses Ad For GPS: We Are F**king Lost!

It’s been a while since I studied the Bible during RE classes as school, but I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing like this in the original version of Exodus.

It’s been 40 years since the Israelites escaped the Egyptians and they have become increasingly despondent. A group of concerned Israelites talk amongst themselves and select one old man to go and speak to Moses to discover what is happening. Tentatively approaching the prophet he says:

What Moses?

Moses turns and looks at him, before uttering those immortal words that have rung down the ages:

We are f**king lost!

A light then appears in the sky and an Ituran GPS sat nav plummets down, landing at Moses’ feet.

Laugh? Too bloody right I did. This is the best Biblically inspired ad to feature gratuitous swearing I can remember seeing since, well, God was a boy. As with the recent Goodbye Bush ad for Veet, I hope that the creative who came up with this (someone at the Israeli office of Young & Rubicam I think) was given the day off.

Sat nav image by janebelindasmith on flickr

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