Dynamo’s Magic Nokia Viral

Magic Wand

A while back I signed up for a service called Unruly Media which promotes viral videos through a network of blogs. I did it more out of curiosity than some idea that I would suddenly start rolling in advertising dollars and to be honest since I did join I’ve not been that impressed with the ads that have been suggested to me.

However this afternoon I recieved notification of a new video created for Nokia starring street magician Dynamo. It’s really rather clever and whilst I know what the trick is, I’m still not sure exactly how he does it. I remember the same trick being sent round on one of those ‘Pass it on’ emails a few years back but it’s much more impressive when it’s a real person doing it.

See if you can work it out.

Magic wand by Porcelaingirl° {chromotherapy} on flickr


  1. Changes all the cards hahahahahahahahaha. I’ve met Dynamo on a bumber of occasions (on the street and in a couple of trendy bars. Nice guy. Very shy though. Uses magic to chat up girls. Fair enough.

  2. Yeah – he changes all the cards – the email version would take you to an image of a load of cards, ask you to pick one, then show totally different cards and say that it had got rid of yours. What I find vaguely impressive is how he manages to switch them all…

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