What Would TechCrunch Look Like?

A while back on Twitter Michael Arrington, Editor of tech blog TechCrunch, asked people to send him a Tweet in order to convince him to follow them (he felt that he wasn’t following enough people.)

My response was that he should follow me

because your name always makes me think of a strange chocolate bar. Maybe with nuts & bolts in it.

He obviously liked that as he did start following me – God knows whether he still does, I’ve probably bored him to tears.

Anyway, whilst sitting in Sydney airport after SMX I mentioned this to Rand, Jane & Mystery Guest from SEOmoz. MG obviously liked it too as it inspired her to come up with this little doodle. I came across it on my flickr account earlier and decided that it deserved to be shared with the wider world.


  1. I don’t know whether she did or not. I don’t think so, actually. The picture of the picture may have to do.

    And if THAT’S all it takes to get a link from Techcrunch, I need to get better at art.

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