Awesome Street Art in Soho

This is an amazing piece of street art that I saw in Soho yesterday. It’s on the corner of Lexington Street & Beak Street and really is quite incredible.

My friend Chungaiz thinks that it may be by a French artist, but for the moment I remain in the dark. To be honest I don’t really care who it’s by, other than if I did know, I’d be able to find out where else I could find his/her amazing graffiti/street art.

UPDATE: Thanks to Chungaiz and the chaps at THESCRAPBOOK, we now know a bit more about this.

The rumour is that JR wanted to put his work up onto the tall chimney as part of the Tate Modern’s street art project, but he wasn’t allowed to. In protest, he’s gone and hit up streets all over the city! Fantastic.

His group show at Tate Modern starts this bank holiday weekend, 23rd May, and at Lazarides Gallery

Methinks a trip to the Tate Modern is in order this weekend.


  1. Thanks for the comment Kalena; whilst I haven’t seen anything on this scale on my jaunts down under, there is a thriving graffiti scene (in Oz at least) some of which is really amazing.

    There are quite a few blogs talking about this sort of thing so you might be able to find something near you

  2. We work around the corner in Great Pulteney Street and all experienced the “wow” factor this week when nipping out for sarnies.

    Bring on more surprises in The Smoke!

  3. Alright Bruv,

    There’s another one of these street art things along Tavistock Place in Bloomsbury. It’s the face of a little boy. I’ll take a picture and send it to you. It looks like it’s by the same artist, really good.

    Amy x x x

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