The Fratellis – Whistle For The Choir (’Samples’ Paul Weller – Push Button, Automatic)

The Fratellis’ song Whistle For The Choir bears an uncanny resemblance to the Paul Weller track Push Button, Automatic…

The Fratellis – Whistle For The Choir sounds a bit Weller

Rock music is built on inspirations, where one band hears something by another and turns it into something new. Sometimes though, that inspiration slips into something a bit more obvious. The song Whistle For The Choir by The Fratellis for example.

As I heard it coming out of the radio the other day, for a moment I thought that Paul Weller had belatedly released his hymn of hatred to the modern world Push Button, Automatic. It’s a track from his rather under-rated album Illumination and has a lovely little guitar melody. Which sounds almost exactly like Whistle For The Choir. Check out The Fratellis video above, and then listen to Push Button, Automatic by Paul Weller here and see what you think.

Of course, both of them owe a huge debt to The Kinks, in particular the wonderful Autumn Almanac….

The Kinks – Autumn Almanac is obviously a favourite of The Fratellis & Paul Weller

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