Soul Dhamma – Flower (Scuba Mix)

King Britt is a man of many talents as a remix (using a pseudonym) of one of his own tracks (released using a pseudonym) goes to show…

I’m so busy at the moment that I never seem to get a chance to blog (at least not here) so, in an effort to rectify that, will be keeping posts short & sweet.

I’ve been a huge fan of this track ever since I lived in Sydney back in 1999 and a friend, having been to see family in England, came back with a tape of a Gilles Peterson show which included this track. It prompted another mate to buy the Gilles Peterson INCredible Sound Of.. mix CD which also featured the amazing Flower (Scuba Mix) by Soul Dhamma.

Now as far as I can tell both Soul Dhamma & Scuba are pseudonyms used by the multi-talented King Britt, but whether that’s 100% true or not, this is one epic tune, and one that whoever had a hand in it can be well & truly proud of.

It has a long, moody intro featuring a sparse vocal sample, some mellow bass and great synths. It never exactly rocks, but just builds and builds and, just when you think it’s all going to break, slowly winds down again.

I find it harder to describe house music (which this is, if of a very high quality) than just about anything else, but I’ll give it one last try: it sounds like the sort of song that Gilles Peterson would put at the beginning of an excellent mix to get things going nicely!

INCredible Sound Of Gilles Peterson has sadly been deleted but I was able to track it down on Amazon Marketplace; whilst it’s awesome I’m not sure it’s worth the £100 that some sellers are asking for it. Or maybe it is….

Random flower photo: Hamed Saber on Flickr


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