10 Most Underrated Songs Of The 1990s: Part 1

Brit-pop and all that it stood for (or didn’t as the case may be) means that the 90s have yet to receive the critical revival they’re almost certainly due. The campaign starts here..I’m not sure exactly what brought on the little burst of 90s nostalgia I’m experiencing right now; it might be the fact that I saw a clip of Travis’ single Tied To The 90s on a BBC4 documentary last night; or it might even be proof that I’m having a quarter-life crisis (I have after all recently bought a 2-seater convertible). Whatever the reason though, I felt it was time to stand-up for the 90s which is still, in many places, considered to be an un-cool decade, at least as far as music is concerned. So let’s have a look at the 10 of the most under-rated songs of that fine decade. (in no particular order).Ride – Mouse Trap (Live version)

  1. Travis – Tied To The 90s: Although Travis were the biggest band of the early years of the new millennium, one of their finest moments was this paean to the decade it was recorded in. Mixing ennui, wit & an absolutely stonking melody this is a perfect example of why, had their drummer not broken his back, thereby putting himself & the band out of action for a the best part of a year, Travis might well have left no room in the limelight for Coldplay to gain the success that they did.
  2. Ride – Mouse Trap: With their first album, Nowhere, Ride were the darlings of the nascent shoegazing scene. Whilst it had its moments, it wasn’t really as good as many people made out. But their second album was much better and so, of course, sold much worse. Mouse Trap is typical of the album: still packed with walls of guitar, it also boasts a melody that most pop acts would give up a limb for
  3. Supergrass – Richard III: Supergrass followed a similar curve to Ride: 1st album, lauded with praise – not actually that great. 2nd album, bloody brilliant – no-one realises. Richard III is a screaming collision of a song, all fast=paced guitars and drums. Very different to the squeaky-clean sound of Alright, but just as addictive.

I’m trying to post more and so, with that in mind, I’m going to break this particular post up into a couple of parts (2 & 3 are here & here). And as that’s the case, feel free to suggest any songs that you think should make this particular Top 10 – I’ve probably got about 90% of them in mind already, but am open to being convinced.Nike Air Max 1990 photo: sling@flickr on Flickr

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