Paul Weller – You Do Something To Me

I know that I go on about Paul Weller a lot but I really can’t seem to get enough of the guy. There’s also the fact that we both grew up in Surrey – him in Woking, me about ten minutes down the road – and whilst both of us were desperate to escape the places where we grew up, ended up back in Surrey. This, the video to one of his best ballads, You Do Something To Me, is (I’m pretty sure) all filmed in and around the Surrey Downs and makes it pretty easy to see why one might fall (back) in love with the place.

The video has a shot of Woking train station near the start (the album this was taken off of, Stanley Road, was more or less a love letter to Woking) and I can remember spending summer’s days walking round the area with friends back when this came out. As I sit here on a cold December night, the idea of lying in a field, with friends & loved ones, on a hot July afternoon, is just about the nicest thing I could possibly imagine. But until the long weekend we call the English summer rolls around again, I guess that watching the video to You Do Something To Me will just have to suffice.


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