My Ten Most Played Songs

I’ve been playing around online tonight whilst half-watching crime documentary Mr Untouchable (a pile of shite that glamourises murderers if you want my considered opinion) and decided to check out my profile.

Whilst on their I noticed a new widget (which I’ve now added to the right-hand column) which lists the songs I’ve listened to the most since signing up back in 2006. And, because I’m a borderline OCD music-freak who loves a good list, I thought that I would share them with you.

  1. Iman – Who Was I Trying To Fool: Beautiful 21st Century Soul from Gilles Peterson’s first Brownswood Bubblers compilation
  2. Leroy Hutson – Cool Out: Epic instrumental soul from the man loved by Zero 7 amongst others
  3. John Martyn – Over The Hill: Beautiful bit of music from the man who made folk rock & roll
  4. Common – Go! feat Kanye West: Kanye’s new album has left me a bit cold, but this single he produced and rapped on for Common shows him at his best
  5. Common – Be: This was the title track of the album that also featured Go and, at less than 2.30 long is one of those songs that simply isn’t long enough
  6. Jamie Lidell – Another Day: Amazing modern soul that sounds like something from a 60s Stax artist, not a skinny white Englishman on Warp Records
  7. The Roots – Act Too (Love Of My Life): A musical history of hip-hop in which The Roots sing “when we perform, It’s just coffee shop chicks and white dudes” which is everyone else’s loss
  8. Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry On Their Own: I really hope Back To Black doesn’t turn out to be Winehouse’s peak, as we need more tracks like this
  9. Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle: Amazing. Like a French Unfinished Sympathy.
  10. José James -blackeyedsusan: A lovely piece of modern jazz with a twist from James’ stunning début

I have to say that I was a little surprised by the Top 10, more for what it didn’t contain than what it did: no Oasis, no Weller, no Westbeech, although all 3 of those feature in my 10 most played artists, whilst Weller’s 22 Dreams is now my most listened to album depsite only coming out a few months ago.

What it does show is how some tracks soon become firm favourites, such as Another Day which I’ve only owned for a few months, whilst others are songs that I seemingly never tire of, such as Over The Hill which I first heard in about 2001. And that’s wha’s so great about music of course: you can hear something for the first time and feel like you’ve known it all your life, or hear something every day for a decade yet still love it like it’s the first time you ever heard it played.

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