Oasis – Shock Of The Lightning

This morning saw the first official airing of the new single from Oasis, Shock of the Lightning, on Virgin Radio and already some enterprising young soul has slapped a clip of it being played on Radio 1 onto a still image and posted it to YouTube, which I repost here for your listening pleasure.

As anyone who has read my blog for a while will know I was a devoted fan of Oasis in their golden period around the mid-nineties but lost faith in them from their third album now, when they started to believe their own hype. I thought that the singles from their last album were OK, but nothing amazing. Shock of the Lightning isn’t amazing either but it’s certainly a return to form of sorts. Gone are the (futile) attempts to sound like a sub-par Beatles cover band, and back has come some of the attitude that made them so exciting when they first appeared.

When Oasis featured on the cover of The (sadly missed) Face around the time of their debut album they were described as The Sex Beatles, mixing the arrogance of the Sex Pistols with the meoldies of The Beatles but somewhere along the line they seemed to forget about the first part of this mix. With Shock of the Lightning it sounds like they may just have remembered what it was that made them great.

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  1. Fair review of what i think is the best oasis song for a while it has the punchy driving energy that is in most dm tracks but seemed to dissapear around sotsog album

    “Love is a time machiiiiiinnnne up on the silver screeeeeen” – snarley liam is back and soundin great

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