Oasis – Acquiesce

Oasis are releasing a Best Of, which will include some of their classic b-sides. To mark the occasion they’re also releasing a couple of them as a single. Acquiesce is one of them…

Oasis were my favourite band. For a few golden years they could do no wrong, releasing two great albums (Definitely Maybe and What’s The Story) and singles packed with b-sides better than the songs that grace most bands’ a-sides. But then they lost control of the drugs, and got very, very dull.

But now, perhaps having realised that their best work is over a decade past, they’re releasing a best-of album called Stop The Clocks (oh, if only you had boys!), which includes some of those amazing b-sides. They’ve already done this once, when they packaged up a load of b-sides & album tracks as The Masterplan, but this time the b-sides will sit along side the main singles. And a couple of them are even to be released as a single in their own right. Yes – they really were that good.

One of these is Acquiesce, the video for which is above. It’s a storming guitar track, with both Liam & Noel Gallagher sharing vocals. It was originally on the Some Might Say EP – probably not the 1st time that Oasis actually had a worse song as the main track. It gathered cult status due to it’s appearance on the short lived (and much missed) music show The White Room, hosted by Mark Radcliffe.

It’s actually not one of my favourite Oasis songs (nor is Masterplan which is also on the new single, and has an excellent Lowry style video); but I’m just glad that people who bought Be Here Now, and all the dross that came after it, and who probably never bought an early Oasis single, can now get a chance to realise quite what all the fuss was about. Yes, they really were that good. Listen to this if you don’t believe me:

Oasis – Acquiesce

And just to prove it, here’s another song taken from that legendary White Room session, It’s Good To Be Free – I think it’s better than Acquiesce!

I’ve also put together my own suggested track-listing for the Oasis Best Of – I’d have it as an iMix, but iTunes don’t stock half of them. And they’re meant to be the leading music retailer?!

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