Mixed Moods – Future Soul Radio (Sounds like Gilles Peterson)

Mixed Moods Future Soul Radio is an amazing German internet radio site that I recently stumbled upon; if you like Gilles Peterson then you will love this…

I was trying to find somewhere to download the new Ben Westbeech track Nothing Else, and stumbled on to Mixed Moods by accident. I don’t know much about it except that it’s a German guy playing amazing records on a show which you can stream or download.

The type of music he plays is very similar to that played by Gilles Peterson; broken beat, nu jazz, soul, hip hop, etc…. Seriously worth a listen – there’s normally one every month, so if you start now you’ll have four 2 hour shows to keep you going till the next one in December… Why not sign up to the Mixed Moods podcast (here if you’ve got a Mac), and you won’t even have to check for the next one?

PS – You can check Nothing Else on Ben Westbeech’s MySpace page, or buy it on Gilles’ new compilation CD Brownswood Bubblers, but what you should really do is get Nothing Else on limited release 12″. I’ve obvisouly done all three!

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