Metabeats, Road, Orgone, Elmore Judd, The Black Dog & Madox

I’ve been doing some reviews for Fly recently which is why I’ve been a bit quiet; below you can see what I reviewed & what I thought..

Madox – Urban Plastic
This is an album of full-on dance music in the style of The Chemicals & the Jaxx. Not the sort of thing I’d normally choose to listen to at home, but really rather good.

Elmore Judd – Insect Funk
An album that really just tries too hard; one of those bands who mistake chucking everything into the mix with eclecticism. If you could distill an art-school rag-week into an album, this would be it.

The Black Dog – Temple Of The Transparent Balls
This is a re-issue of a classic techno record; intelligent, eclectic (in a good way!) and never boring. It’s just a shame that it was plastic house that took over the world rather than this sort of thing.

Metabeats – Metaphysical
I better be careful what I say about this as I’ve already been accused of being a hater just for giving this an average review; but that’s what it deserves – average British hip-hop which, nonetheless, suggests that better stuff may be yet to come.

Road – Can’t Talk
A nice enough album of Acid Jazz inspired tunes; it’s only the fact that the band-members have worked with an amazing array of people that makes it plain that they’re better when they’re working for someone else.

Orgone – The Killion Floor
I was quite disappointed with this; they’re on Ubiquity which is normally a badge of excellence, and their cover of Funky Nassau is awesome. But the album just doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

There are a few more reviews of mine over there including Little Dragon (lovely) & Tuomo (absolutely amazing); whilst I’d rather be writing over here, Fly send me free CDs. If anyone would like to start sending me music to review here, I really wouldn’t mind!

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