Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl

The Chemical Brothers Hey Boy, Hey Girl is an absolute pounding dance-floor classic. What else is there to say

The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl

I just stumbled across the video for Hey Boy, Hey Girl by The Chemical Brothers whilst browsing on YouTube. I’d forgotten what a great video it is & thought that I ought to share it with you. It also reminds me of New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 when Carl Cox played it at the Mobile Home gig on Bondi Beach and got a (deservedly) crazy reaction from the crowd. Despite the setting, it was actually miserable weather that night but as soon as the rerfain:

Hey boy, hey girl
Superstar DJs, here we go

kicked in, none of that mattered.

Not exactly the sort of song you’d have as the first dance at your wedding, but what the hell. Enjoy.

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