Kutiman – ThruYOU 1: Mother Of All Funk Chords

I presume that you’ve all seen this by now? It’s from the DJ Shadow of YouTube, Kutiman, who blends clips of ‘amateur’ musicians from YouTube (amateur only in the fact that they don’t make a living out of playing music – some of these guys have major talent) as part of his ThruYOU project. There are seven of these tracks in total and this one, with its ‘mother of all funk chords’ is my favourite. That said, I do rather like track 6 as well: the talkbox on Wait For Me is amazing. Check it…

Apart from the fact that the tracks he’s created are pretty cool (though not quite on the same scale as Shadow’s Endtroducing) there’s a nice story behind it as well. Apparently three people involved in the project emailed about twenty people, and from that came over a million views in a week (though apparently not on YouTube, where the views are quite low, suggesting all the traffic went direct to the site – an interesting phenomenon in itself).

Sweet, or should that be Tweet?

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