Jazzanova feat. José James – Little Bird

Anyone who has read this blog on more than one occasion is likely to have realised that I’m rather fond of Mr José James and just about everything that he does. I’m also, as all like-minded people are, rather partial to a bit of Jazzanova every now and then. So Little Bird, the collaboration between Jazzanova & José James from the new Jazzanova album Of All The Things, is just about the most perfect meeting of the musical minds that I can think of, and, what’s more, lives up to its potential.

Many people will only be familiar with Jazzanova’s more lively, house based productions. But Little Bird, and indeed much of the album, is very different to their normal fare. This particular track is an absolutely stunning piece of modern jazz: it starts with little more than James’ amazing voice and a very simple piano line. As the song, and the intensity, builds so scatter-shot drums and some mournful strings come into play until the whole thing builds to an almost unbearable point, before winding back down again, all to the sound of James’ stunning vocals.

I’m honestly not sure that I’ll hear anything more beautiful than this all year and think it may be the best thing that James has done to date. The whole of Of All The Things is worth checking out (especially the collaboration with my other favourite Brownswood vocalist, Ben Westbeech) but this, its undoubted high-point, deserves to be an absolute smash-hit. Obviously it won’t be but in a way that only makes it even more special.

Little birds image by kiwanja on flickr


  1. Fella, don’t suppose you picked up the Sunday Times today? Cracking free CD with it. Noel Gallagher at the Teenage Cancer Trust, with Weller doing tracks 4 & 5. The version of Fade Away is excellent, but then again I’ve got a great love of acoustic stuff. If you didn’t grab it, I’ll run you off a copy.

    Incidentally, I’ve got a few other “gems” you may well be interested in. A few gigs that have made their way into my hands. Drop me a line if you want.

  2. Sounds interesting – I got one of the downloads but realised that I’d missed some of the best tracks – would love to hear the acoustic tracks, especially with Weller involved. Thanks chief!

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