DJ DSK Scratches It Up

Back in 1999 I lived in Sydney (I can’t believe that I arrived in Sydney ten years ago this December!) and one of the guys I lived for a while was a lovely chap called Nick. Nick was working his way round the world as an electrician: he’d worked on the building of the new Honk Kong airport (and once said of the problems that plagued its opening “I’m not surprised it had problems, it was built by hungover British backpackers) and was working at Sydney Opera House when I met him.

However Nick’s real loves were hip-hop and the culture that surrounded it. He was a pretty decent breakdancer (livening up my 24th birthday by doing some mean windmills on the floor of the bar we were in), collected magazines about graffiti (I’m guessing that he’d have liked the front of Tate Modern this summer) and always had the best mixtapes.

I knew that Nick also DJed, under the moniker DJ DSK, but until he added me as a friend on Facebook this morning, and I subsequently found his website with some footage of him scratching, I hadn’t realised how good he was & is (I haven’t seen or spoken to him in about 7 years). If you don’t believe me why not check out some of the mixes available for download on his site: I’m loving this one.

It seems like Nick is now married and living in China (I’m not suprised that he’s now fluent in Mandarin as he was learning way back in 1999) where he runs his own record label and promotions agency amongst other things. China’s quite a long way to go for a quick pint so until I can buy him a drink back here in Blighty, I’ll just keep listening to his awesome mixes and smiling at the memory of a very tall man windmilling on the floor of a packed Sydney bar.

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