Bloc Party Don’t Like Oasis

I don’t normally post about music gossip, but a story about a rant from the lead singer of Bloc Party against Oasis got me thinking..

According to The Guardian, Bloc Party’s lead singer doesn’t like Oasis. Apparently, in an interview with Uncut magazine he says of the monobrowed Mancunians:

“I think Oasis are the most overrated and pernicious band of all time. They had a totally negative and dangerous impact upon the state of British music.”

Having got himself started, the wonderfuly named Kele Okereke goes on to say that Oasis:

“made stupidity hip. They claim to be inspired by the Beatles but, and this so saddens me, they have failed to grasp that the Beatles were about constant change and evolution. Oasis are repetitive Luddites.”

Now, as I have said on this very blog in the past, I think that Oasis let an amazing amount of talent slide. They never lived up to the potential of their early work, in particular the amazing debut album Definitely Maybe and the torrent of great stuff that they released as b-sides, but I don’t think that anyone could accuse Noel of being stupid, or of making it cool.

His brother may behave like an absolute tool, but read a single interview with Noel and you’ll realise that he is possessed of an unnaturally sharp wit. As evidenced when he described Bloc Party as being “indie shit” (do you think that’s what pissed off Kele?)

And as for being repititive luddites, all that I’ll say about that is that Bloc Party should check their own material first. Unless of course they simply think that making records that sound like they’re from the early 80s rather than the mid 60s is somehow inherently cooler.

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