Why Is No One In Jail?

As the winter drags on, it seems like #occupy is falling out of the headlines; in the US it’s probably due to the coverage that’s being given to a bunch of millionaires fighting to prove who is the most Christian (camel? Needle?) In the UK a lot of it is probably being taken up by stories about millionaires wanting to give yachts to a woman who inherited her fortune.

But one of the recurrent features of much of the coverage I saw of the #occupy movement (if that’s not too strong a word for whatever happened) was that it was all a bit, well, vague. That these young hotheads didn’t have any solutions.

Read this book.

Or this one.

Maybe watch this film.

Haven’t got the time to read a whole book, or watch a whole movie?

Skim this article.

Sod it, a quick glance at any of these should do the trick.

Angry yet?

I don’t know why anyone is criticising those involved in the #occupy movement for being unsure of the solution, when it’s apparent that the whole bloody shebang is the problem. Rather, we should be amazed that half the population of the developed world aren’t throwing molotov cocktails like confetti and stringing politicians and financiers up from every second lamp-post.

Seriously, why is no one in jail, and why are we still allowing these people to pay themselves whatever they want for inventing ways to gamble with other people’s money?

Cocktail by David Drexler on flickr

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