London Now Has A Clown To Go With Its Ferris Wheel

So, London has spoken and it has said that it would like a clown to go with its giant ferris wheel. Truly, the English love of irony and our (justly) famous sense of humour means that we now face 4 years of one of the world’s greatest cities (if not its greatest) being run by a philandering racist who could barely keep a magazine afloat, let alone a capital with a population in excess of that of a lot of countries. As David Mitchell, of Peep Show, said before the result;

Boris as mayor? Lovely to see other comedians getting work, but four years is a bit long for a comedy routine.

Yes, London voted Boris. Or at least somewhere in excess of 20% did, as less than 50% of people could be bothered to vote. So, in 4 years time, when Hyde Park has been turned into a giant fox hunt, and a helter skelter has been erected around the Houses of Parliament, and parking is free for all Chelsea tractors, and boarding fees for Eton are subsidised, perhaps the 55% who couldn’t be bothered to make a small mark on a piece of paper will realise why voting matters.

In the meantime, rumours that the signs at London Heathrow are to be changed to read “Welcome to Wally World” or that the entrance to the Dartford Tunnel is to be redesigned to look more like the image below, could not be confirmed.

London Eye image: wwarby on flickr

PS: I’ve just had a vision of Boris accepting the Olympic Torch in 4 years time, turning round & tripping over his shoe-laces. God help us.


  1. Borristown? Sometimes I wonder why London wants to play a practical joke with itself. The one time I decided to vote and it didnt count. Let the games begn, the show must go on…

  2. I know how you feel rishil – my first time voting too and am gutted that that fool managed to become Mayor. God save us, time to move!

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