Borat Encourages Americans To Vote. And W**k.

Continuing the great tradition of fabulously wealthy celebrities encouraging the proles to get out there and vote, comes a video starring what seems like half of Hollywood. Apparently it’s been made by Leo DiCaprio’s production company and is, if the footage is to be believed, directed by Steven Spielberg.

The cast is made up of just about every star you can imagine, from Tom Cruise to Justin Timberlake to Will Smith to Ben Stiller to Julia Roberts to Snoop Dogg. and is based around the ‘hilarious’ idea that the yoof will only respond to sarcasm, and so the celebrities are meant to be saying “Don’t vote”. Like I said, hilarious.

Bizarrely it also includes Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat and Orlando Bloom. As far as I know both of these are still British citizens, so it seems strange that they should be promoting voting in the US, although I love Borat’s comments:

Is there time for me to have a small shit please?

What you do inside the voting booth is a secret. I like to make a hand relief. Niice!

Whilst I’m in favour of encouraging voting anywhere in the world, I wonder if we’ll be seeing them doing TV ads in the UK for a similar cause around the time of the next general election or whether they only do it when the election is ‘sexy’. It will also be interesting to see whether Google will invest in encouraging voting in countries outside the US, as it’s voting map is pretty cool.

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