Zipping Up My Boots…

Back in March 2000 I landed back in Blighty after just over a year of travelling, much of which I’d spent in Sydney working in one of them new fangled internet cafés. Having enjoyed my time mucking about with Hotmail & ICQ, I decided to get a job in which I could continue to muck about on the web, and lo, a career was born.

Well, nearly a decade later, I’m still managing to make a living mucking around on the web helping brands with their digital strategies, and sometime I have to pinch myself. It’s enabled me to travel the world, meet amazing people, win awards and even get on the telly. I’ve had an amazing 10 years, with some ups & downs, and will always have a map of Soho where my soul should be.

However, all good things are as good as a rest (or something) and so I’m very excited to be able to announce (though that sounds incredibly self-important – oh well) that in a couple of weeks I’ll be moving to Dublin.

In many ways it’s a natural move, seeing as the reason that my name has a funny accent on it is due to the fact that my Dad’s family are Irish. In fact, I’ll be living only a couple of streets away from where my Dad went to school.

I’m really happy to say that I’ll be moving within Mindshare, taking up the incredibly exciting, and challenging role of Head of Digital for our Irish office, at the same time as maintaining an international role as Director, Emerging Media. Ireland is a country that has also had an amazing ten years, even if the last few have been a tad rocky, and I think it’s poised to be an incredibly exciting place to be, especially if you work in digital. I’m also very lucky in that I have a really great place to live sorted, and would just like to thank my new flatmate in advance.

For those of you who want to make sure that I really do go, or those who want to ask me about that fiver I still owe, please do come along to my leaving drinks: they’ll be on Wednesday September 8th at Jewel, just outside Covent Garden.

In the meantime, I just want to say thank you to everyone, who’s made this such a memorable decade, with an amazing soundtrack: whether you’re someone I’ve met at a conference, worked with, or simply shared a pint with – thanks, it’s been emotional. And if you’re ever in Dublin, look me up and I’ll stand you a pint of Guinness – they’re a whole lot less expensive when you’re paying in Euros, not sterling.

And finally, for those of you wondering what the hell the title of this post is referring to, I give you Mr Richie Havens.

Thank you by vistamommy on flickr


  1. Hi Ciaran – massive congratulations and fantastic news on the international role too! Good luck but I am sure you won’t need it 🙂

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