David Bowie: T-Shirt Diary #6

One of the things about working in a creative agency is that I get to see a lot of people wearing very cool clothes. One of the people who never fails to disappoint with his choice of t-shirt is the legendary Kiwi Dave. As well as the rather lovely eboy style David Bowie Aladdin Sane t-shirt that he’s rocking in the picture above*, he also has one that always makes me chuckle, dealing as it does with musical snobbery – something I’m not actually guilty of, which might surprise many people who know me.

Of course the thing about Kiwi Dave that really  always makes me laugh is the video below: it shows what happens when you leave you computer unattended, allowing your colleagues to switch on the built-in camera. Just enjoy watching Kiwi Dave do, well, not much at all actually.

You can get the Bowie tee from Social Industries in West Hampstead (I think).


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