Tic Tac Recreates The Goal ITV Missed

As many of you will undoubtedly know, during the recent FA Cup replay between arch-rivals Liverpool & Everton, ITV ‘accidentally’ cut away to an ad break in the 118th minute of the match. It was approaching the end of extra time and the match was about to go to penalties unless one of the teams scored. Which is exactly what Everton did, whilst ITV was showing ads for Tic Tac & Volkswagen.

A lot of people were, understandably, pissed off about this and ITV has apologised and promised to look into what went wrong (something about someone forgetting to change an automated system apparently). And whilst it was nothing to do with the brands whose ads were shown, Tic Tac have decided to recreate the goal so that all of those who missed it last time can appreciate it now.  Enjoy.

Everton image by Gene Hunt on flickr

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