Play It Cool Trig

Sad news that Roger Lloyd Pack, known to millions as Trigger in Only Fools And Horses, has passed away at the age of just 69. I’ll always remember him because the famous “Play it cool Trig” scene was one of the first I remember seeing in an online video.

It was the days before YouTube and I was working in an internet cafe in Kings Cross; I’d never really watched Only Fools And Horses as a kid and when someone sent me this (I can’t remember in what format – presumably an actual file, rather than a link, which would have taken-up half the cafe’s bandwidth back in 1999) I couldn’t stop laughing for about 10 minutes.

God knows what the customers thought of this weird English skin-head having hysterics behind the counter. Whatever they thought, he was part of one of the funniest British comedies of the 80s (which got an astonishing 24 million viewers when it returned for a special in 2001) and created a character who became shorthand for a certain type of lovable idiot.

Play it cool Trig, play it cool.

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