Next Stop, All Change

A while back I got an email from a company called canvasRus asking me if I would like a free canvas in exhance for writing about it. After recovering from the shock caused by the fact that anyone honestly cared what I thought, I politely declined: at the time I had no need of such a thing as I had more pictures than I knew what to do with.

However recently a gap came up on my wall and so I dropped the guys a line to see if the offer was still open. After letting me know that it was, and the details of the kind of file they needed, I asked them whether they could knowkc me up a print of a photo I took whilst on holiday in Paris last Christmas,  one of a series I took of Metro signs during my stay in Paris last Christmas.

Less than a week after sending the email, I was struggling home on the train with a bloody massive canvas (it actually formed a wall between my seat and the rest of the train). The quality of the canvas really is amazing and it looks rather lovely on my wall if I do say so myself. You can see it below and be the judge yourself: I think it’s great and would like to thank canvasRus for sending me one of their canvas prints – I really appreciate it.

I’m now looking thoughtfully at a similar gap on my kitchen wall and thinking that this would look pretty cool blown up. However I’m guessing that canvasRus don’t need a 2nd review and I’ll undoubtedly be getting my credit card out very soon indeed.

UPDATE: This is a heavily revised version of the original post I published. Sometimes in my desire to be open and honest & blah, blah, blah, I forget that I’m not the only one effected by what I write. Thanks to all who sent lovely comments about the original post.

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