Lost Gloves #8: Great Portland Street

Lost gloves eh? They’re like buses – you wait ages for one, then loads come along at once. And as if that wasn’t enough, it seems like people aren’t content to lose just one glove anymore as this is the second pair of gloves I’ve seen on the street. And, as with Lost Gloves #5, #6 & #1, it seems as if someone thought it might be a nice idea to prop these gloves up, perhaps in case their owner came back looking for them.

And in one final case of coincidence, after my worrying the other day that perhaps I should be trying to return some of these gloves I keep seeing, this morning I noticed a pair of gloves on the floor of the 7.52 from Esher to Waterloo. And, as no-one on the train claimed them, I handed them in to the guard. And in one simple move, my conscience was eased.

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