Lost Gloves #3: Church Street, Esher

I was on my way to the cinema this evening to see Quantum of Solace (for the second time, and I managed to miss the beginning for the second time too) when I noticed these just round the corner from my house.

Now, I know that I was only planning to take photos of lone gloves, but that’s mainly because most times that I’ve noticed lost gloves they’ve been on their own. These ones were obviously well & truly misplaced by their owner and the fact that there are two of them just makes up for the fact that I saw another one earlier in the day but wasn’t able to take a photo due to the fact that it was in the middle of the road and I was in a car driving over it.

Oh, and Quantum of Solace is a lot better than the critics said but, as with the first time I watched it (and when I watched Casino Royale on DVD just before Quantum came out) I noticed that I spent a lot of my time admiring the suits worn by Daniel Craig. As well as some of his cardigans, jackets & shoes. I think that means I’m getting old (just in case I wasn’t sure).

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