Lost Gloves 26: Great Titchfield Street, London

Seriously, I’m spoilt rotten.

Every time I see, or am sent, another lost glove, I convince myself that it will be the last one till winter rears its ugly head again. And every time I’m proved wrong.

This time I was doubly spoilt as I didn’t actually spot this particular lost glove myself – it was actually seen by Jim Wild on his way to my leaving drinks and meant that not only did I get another lost glove (and a seriously nice looking one as well – I’d be gutted if lost a glove of such quality) it also meant I got to spend a bit of time with Jim & his lovely girlfriend Zoe. Result!

Zoe (just) & Jim

Photo of Zoe & Jim by Lee.


  1. Was so good to catch up with everyone for the first time since my departure and to wish you good luck. Top night!

    Enjoy Santorini you lucky bastard. I expect to see lots of fantastic twitpics to keep me nice and jealous!

  2. Is it sad of me to be checking in on the lost glove saga?!

    Congrats with the new job by the way…could be that we’ll be in touch, as I’m with Mindshare’s sister co, Mediaedge…

  3. I didn’t realise until now that you actually welcome contributions for lost glove news as well as exclusively reporting on your own findings. I’m always spotting lost gloves on the roadside on the walk into work of a morning. I shall have to remember to snap a picture and share my find in future. Never have I been so excited about news since Karl Pilkington’s Xfm “Monkey News”.

  4. To even be mentioned in the same sentence as Karl is high praise indeed. I look forward to your contributions to the Lost Gloves library.

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