Lost Gloves #20: Notre Dame, Paris

Lost Glove #20, Notre Dame, Paris

Whilst I had a lovely time in Paris last Christmas, there was one thing missing. That, of course, was the fact that I didn’t see any lost gloves whilst there. Luckily for me, the lovely David was there over the weekend and spotted one: being the keen young glover he is, he took the photo you can see above and emailed it to me (which you can also do if you spot a lost glove).

As well as the fact that it’s lovely that four people have now taken the time to send in glove images (though I’ve only been able to use this one and the ones that Stephen took) but being the first international lost glove to appear here, it also reassures me that lost gloves aren’t some sort of British cult, centred on London, which is apparently what this post is suggesting. It’s in Portugese but a couple of kindly souls in the office translated it for me and apparently they link to my blog as proof of the existence of this cult!


  1. About a year ago, in the Forest cafe in Edinburgh, there was a rather fabulous exhibition which consisted of a wall covered entirely by photos of lost gloves spotted around Edinburgh.

    I think you would have enjoyed it!


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