Jeff Wasn’t Too Jazzy

Jazzy Jeff turned up late to his interview on 6Music which meant that my mate didn’t have time to put his questions to him…

I spent yesterday afternoon running round Soho desperately trying to find a copy of Jazzy Jeff’s The Magnificent on vinyl, to give to my friend to get Jeff to sign (I already have a copy of the record but I was going to give the unsigned version to my sister!). Everywhere had sold out so I ended up getting his new hip-hop compilation that he was on the show to promote.

But apparently, he refused to sign anything! Boo hiss! If that’s the way that Jeff is going to play it then he definitely doesn’t get my vote for Greatest Living American! And in fact, rather than plug his new compilation (which I have to say does look pretty tasty), I’ll instead remind the world how he first gained fame!

Bye Jeff!


  1. I can’t believe you’d be so hard on the Jazzy man, I heard the show & sounds like your friend got an exclusive mix by Jazz & I would have thought that would be enough.So he didn’t sign YOUR record, let’s face it you even admit to suddenly having to run around trying to find a copy, What the BIG fan you are!!!!!
    Sounds like a bad dose of sour grapes, just because you missed outI hardly think that’s grounds to slag him.

  2. Woah! You may not have read the blog before, but this was a little bit tongue in cheek….

    BTW – the reason I had to run and find a copy is that I had left my copy of The Magnificent at home.


  3. Woah indeed. All I’m sayin’ is ya can’t beat a bit of Cosby Show. Must run – dying for the blog…

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