Jeff IS Jazzy

Following my mate winning a competition to meet Jazzy Jeff I posted that the Philadelphia DJ had refused to sign a copy of his new album…

I now know the following things:

  1. My mate thinks that he’s funny – he was only joking when he said that he refused to sign it
  2. Jazzy Jeff is apparently a lovely guy
  3. Jazzy Jeff did sign my record
  4. His new compilation (Hip Hop Forever III) is great
  5. And it even looks pretty good on my wall

I’m glad that I can go back to my previous high opinion of the great man, and would just like to apologise for ever doubting him! Let’s have a look at Jazzy Jeff in action..

One comment

  1. aaahhh that’s why Jeff is the king, no mixmasta can cut fasta. Check out The Return Of The Magnificent.

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