Good Luck Geraldine: F*ck Off Steve

As I’ve undoubtedly said before, I love the web.

It’s because of the web that I have a great job, get to bore people by publishing my views on everything from Boris Johnson (twat) to Gilles Peterson (legend), and it’s also allowed me to meet some amazing people, many of whom are now dear friends.

Back when I was kind of getting started, I spent a lot of time reading, and learning from SEOmoz. Over time I got to know many of the people who worked there, including Jane, who now lives in London, and Rand, who set the ‘moz up. And, through Rand, I got to know his amazing girlfriend (now wife) Geraldine.

Why is she amazing? Well, for many reasons. Her travel blog, The Everywhereist, is always funny & true. When I first met her properly, in Sydney, after I mumbled something about how TechCrunch sounded like a cereal for robots (if only it was), she obliged by drawing a picture of what that would look like.

And, because, when she found out that she had a brain tumour, she named it Steve and wrote a beautifully funny post about it.

She’s having an operation today:

So they’re going to drill a hole in my head, poke some tools through my non-dominant frontal lobe, and pull off a piece of Steve. Then they’re going to seal up my head with a titanium plate (sadly, adamantium is unavailable.)

So I just wanted to send her a little message of support and admiration of her downright awesomeness.

We love you Geraldine. Get better soon, and tell Steve to f*** off.


  1. Two of the world’s best people, Geraldine and Rand. So glad to hear surgery went well. She said to me yesterday that we could laugh about it all at your wedding :). xo

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