Where’s Whoopie? In The News Of Course


A while back I wrote about the recent trend for tweet-writing, the spiritual descendant of churnalism, whereby journalists outsource their jobs by simply publishing tweets from random celebrities when something momentous happens, even if there is no connection or context.

Earlier today the great Nelson Mandela passed away. Which means it must be Whoopie o’clock, at least for one bored journalist.


It’s not Whoopie’s fault she keeps getting used in these ridiculous lists, though I do hold her responsible for her own turn of phrase which manages to be both twee, patronising and pretentious, all at the same time. But it really needs to stop; Pedestrian.tv, I’m looking at you.

And yes, it can get worse. That is Fergie you can see below Whoopie. MENSA must be having the day off.

Whoopi Goldberg star by Thomas Hawk on flickr

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