The Real Reason Local Media Is Dying

If you read the media pages in any of the broadsheet papers you’ll undoubtedly read about the dire straits many local media groups find themselves in. They’re dropping like flies in the US and they’re not doing much better over here. Generally the causes listed for this situation are the internet, whether it be Craigs List or the Beeb’s plans for local content, and the general fragmentation of the media landscape.

I wonder whether it might not just be because local media is so bloody dull. I mean look at the headline above, presumably judged to be the strongest one available for the venerable Esher News & Mail. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something almost tragic, almost charming, about this line

Man Not Guilty Of Vicious Pub Attack

It’s obviously meant to be sensational, hence the reference to the vicious pub attack. But then it turns out there’s no story as the man accused was obviously found to be innocent.

Bad headlines from local papers are almost an art-form so please feel free to submit your own favourite “So bad it’s good” local paper headline.

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