So That’s What $15 Million Gets You

Whilst waiting for Twitter to come back online this morning, I ended up flicking through their official blog. As well as the news about their acquisition of Summize, now Twitter Search, was a note about the fact that they had moved into new offices.

Now is it just me or do these photos all feel a bit bubble 1.0 to you?

Is that seriously a  table football? And is it me or is that the sort of view you only get from a penthouse?

I love Twitter, and am glad that they got the new funding, but maybe they should be thinking more about how to make some money, and less about what sort of plastic animal to have in the office. Apart from anything else, it should obviously be the fail whale.

UPDATE: Cheers to Martin for the comment below offering a glimpse into digg’s equally ridiculous offices. Anyone got any other funding-eating office examples of bubble 2.0 companies?

Thanks to Anthony for this link to This Ain’t No Disco (a site I’d seen before but forgotten about). Seriously, I don’t know how some of those places can afford to pay their staff and the rent. Oh, that’s right, they don’t.


  1. Whilst they can hardly be called opulent, I’m now just incredibly excited that I have a semi-office-like cubicle with a big window, out of which I can see blue sky. Must take some non-Blackberry pics of the Moz’s new place 🙂

    This plays right into my fascination with other people’s offices, by the way. Take a look at these.

    Have seen a good blog entry somewhere about Jaiku, Craigslist, Facebook and their offices, but as per standard, I can’t find it.

    You have pictures of your new building? I told you, I’m a little bit obsessed.

  2. We don’t have any photos of the interior yet (as we haven’t personalised it yet and it’s still all a bit lacking in soul), but you can see an artist’s impression of the exterior here

  3. Will have to get some pics of our new office. We’ve got table football, and a Mortal Kombat arcade (we used to have a scalectrix before the finance manager took up home downstairs).

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