Once More Unto The Breach

Again and again I say that I’m going to try to blog more. Not because I honestly think anyone is listening or cares. But because I honestly believe that setting down thoughts, regularly and reasonably methodically, must be a good thing to do.

It should act as a personal sounding board. A way of deciding when you might be on to something (I still think that there’s something in this.) Or when you’re way off base (ahem.)

And yet, time and again, my good intentions fall by the wayside. But reading that AVC.com, one of my favourite blogs, is ten years old, has fired me up again. As Fred Wilson says in the post:

I would write about the music I was listening to, the places I was visiting, my family, and increasingly my work…But that period of experimentation, blog as petri dish, taught me that I should try everything that was new on the web and AVC became the place we tried that stuff out

Or, as he said in his first post, back in 2003:

I read blogs a lot. And i think they are great. So i am starting a blog. I have no idea if i’ll write a lot in my blog or rarely. I hope its a lot, because i have a lot to say. But we’ll see about that.

He also states that he works 60 hours a week, yet he has managed to write pretty much every single day, for ten years.

My first post was back in 2006. Huge amounts have changed since then, both in my life (two countries later) and in the world I work in (two agencies later too, apart from anything else). I think it would be a good thing to start trying to catalogue more changes, and thoughts, as they happen.

If Fred can do it, hopefully so can I.

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