My Very Own Archive

Back when I first started at Mindshare, over 4 years ago now, I helped set-up a blog on our main site. Unfortunately, due to an imminent redesign, that blog is soon to be turned off. So, I’ve pulled out all of the posts I wrote and have uploaded them here – you won’t suddenly see 14 posts appear as they will all automaticlaly head to the archive.

However, if you’re so minded and what to read what I thought about the X Factor, websites for feature phones, Yahoo! shuttering delicious, or even why I thought Facebook was going to hit 1 billion users in July 2011 (I was about a year out), well now you can.

That, of course, assumes that you’re not another victim of the tyranny of attention*.

*I’m going to keep using that phrase until it becomes common parlance. Which might be some time.

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