Michael McIntyre: A Very Funny Man

I’m just watching The British Comedy Awards (yes, Saturday night on the sofa – I am the embodiment of rock & roll) and Russell Brand just won the award for best stand-up. He is a funny man, and the fact that he dedicated the award to Jonathan Ross who should have been presenting the awards were it not for that fuss about Manuel’s granddaughter (though Angus Deayton is doing a very good job standing in for him*) was very nice, but I thought that it should have gone to Michael McIntyre who was also on the shortlist.

I’ve only seen him on Live At The Apollo (which apparently he will soon be hosting) but he was hilarious. He looks nothing like a comedian, perfectly groomed and rather cheesy looking as he is, but I could barely stop laughing.

That’s it really.

Watch. Laugh. Enjoy.

*Angus’ best line so far:

I’d like to thank the sponsors. I think they know who they are so I won’t embarrass them by mentioning their name.

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