Like A Tech Version Of Today

It’s strange the things that you miss when you move to a new country.

In Ireland I missed tea-bags (you can’t get the scientifically proven better bags that are PG Tips Pyramids) whilst in Australia I often miss the BBC. Whilst back in the UK recently (for a massive 6 hours) I had the pleasure of listening to Radio 4’s Today – I can listen to Gilles Peterson’s 6 Music show at any time, but Today only seems to make sense listened to live, in the morning.

So, I’m very glad to have found Benedict Evans’ podcasts for Andreessen Horowitz; with his cut-glass accent and dry sense of humour, his razor-sharp analysis of what’s happening in the world of tech is like my very own tech-focussed version of Today.

Here he is drilling down into a bunch of recent mobile stats and pulling out real, actual insights (as opposed to the common-sense observations that so often get passed off as them), in this case into the way that technology changes the way people do their jobs, but not necessarily the jobs themselves. He uses car-rental companies as an example. You should listen.

Here he is distilling down the three hours of the keynote presentations from Google’s recent I/O conference.

Truly, the internet makes the world seem smaller every day.

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