Julie Moult Doesn’t Understand The Internet

Julie Moult doesn't understand the internetAnyone who’s familiar with SEO will remember those golden days when it was possible to Googlebomb people. When you could get George W. Bush’s homepage to rank for the term miserable failure. Or Tony Blair to rank for liar. Or, best of all, John Prescott to rank for the phrase f**kwit. Unfortunately those days are now past, after Google updated its algorithm.

Well, it seems like no-one told Julie Moult, a journalist at the Daily Mail, this. Julie Moult thought that the fact that a doctored image appears top of the image results on a search for British Politician Hazel Blears was a Googlebomb. It’s not as The Register explains. And as Google confirmed. But apparently Julie Moult doesn’t believe Google.

Luckily though there are lots of nice bloggers who are keen to explain to Julie Moult exactly why this isn’t a Googlebomb and why she should perhaps work on her research skills. Still, anyone who writes a story about Nazi racoons is probably beyond help.

For all those looking to join in the fun…

Step One – Create an image featuring the words “Julie Moult is an idiot” (or “Julie Moult is not an idiot, but instead a much-misunderstood campaigner for truth and a very nice person once you get to know her”).Step Two – Include the words ‘julie’ and ‘moult’ in the filename for your image.Step Three – Publish it on your website or weblog in a post explaining what it is and why it’s there (including, if you like, these steps and a link back to this article).

Step Four (optional) – If you really mean business, put her name in your article title and maybe even drop in some ‘ALT’ or ‘Title’ goodness for your image.

:: Please keep in mind that Julie Moult might be willing and able to sue you if she can prove that she isn’t an idiot (though I’m quietly confident that this won’t be a problem).

:: You may also wish to include a picture/glimpse of yourself in your image so Julie is certain that real people, not invisible Google pixies, lurk behind the eventual results.

Notable search results will be posted [on Tim’s blog] as soon as they start appearing, and a prize will be awarded for the best relevant performance in Google Images (not including mine).

Good luck to you all. I hope to see you in the top row soon.


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